(Known as doing mame-maki / parched soybeans throwing)

One day before the first day of spring in the lunar calendar
(February 2 or 3)

2018's Eho: South-South-East ( Kasadera Kannon ) Date: February 3

"Oni" fight agains beans At last, "Oni" give up and run away

Mamemaki (in Osu-Kannon)
Mamemaki (parched soybeans throwing ) takes place from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m..
Around 3 o'clock , a goblin parade will arrive at Osu-kannon
and perform a short story of Setsubun

Arako-Kannon, Kasadera-Kannon, Jimokuji-Kannon and Ryusen-ji
These 4 temples are called "Owari-shi-Kannon/ Four representative temples in the Owari region which enshrine Kannons"
(Kannon is a Goddess of Mercy.)
They are build on the direction of guards of Nagoya Castle, which settled by Yin and Yang..
For the Setsubun Day of each year, they are roated as a luckey direction (b/eho) temple


Originally Setsubun was the day before the first day of each season in the lunar calendar,
but today it more commonly refers to the day before Risshun* or the first day of spring.
In the present calendar it falls on February 3rd, 4th, or 5th.
Because of this, people stll write geishun ( welcome spring) etc. on new years cards.

*In old days, there was a way of thinking that
formerly the new year starts on this day.

Setsubun has been celebrated in many ways, but Mame-maki,
scattering parched soybeans, is the most common custom throughout Japan.
On the evening of Setsubun, the head of the family or
toshi-otoko (men who were born in a year with same sign
of the Chinese zodiac as the current year/the Cock for the year 2005)
throw parched soybeans inside and outside the house
to summon good luck and drive away demons as they repeat the saying,
"Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi."
In a home, sometimes someone takes on the role of demon
and enjoys the ritual-like games such as running around to escape.
After the ritual of throwing parched soybeans, family members gather up them
and eat a number of them equalling their age, because eating
these brings assurance of good health in the comming year.

Traditional right way of bean throwing (mame-maki) at your home

1: preparation

2: Time of Mame-maki

3: How to throw


4:Outside first
5: In a house

6: Eat soy beans

Put roasted soybeans in
a measure which called
"masu ".
If you have a household alter
in you house, offer them
to the gods till night,

In the evening.(at night)
Mame-maki should be
held together with family

In authentically, a man who
was born in a year with the
same sign of the Chinese
zodiac as the current year
or the head of family throw
Hold a "masu"on your
chest and throw beans
underhanded just like "The
sower" by Jean-Francois
. This form means
not only to drive out bad luck
or oni but also to pray
for agricultural fertility.

Now father or elder man
takes a role of Oni.

First of all, throw them
outside twice saying "Oni
wa Soto"in order to
prevent invasion by oni.
As soon as you throw
twice, get the door to shut

Next, throw beans in a
house saying "Oni wa soto,
Fuku wa uchi"as much as you want in order to keep good luck
in a house and drive bad luck
out. Start from the back room.
And right after drive out evil
shut the doors or windows.
At the end, drive oni
out from the entrance door.

A bean is a symbol of
good health. So, in
order to get the power
of beans, eat beans the
same number of your age plus one. Extra one bean is
for coming one year, to
keep healthy life.

"The sower"

In shrines and temples the Setsubun ritual is also held on a much bigger scale.
Toshi-otoko and toshi-onna ( women of that year's zodiac sign) are invited to throw beans.
Movie stars, baseball players, kabuki players, sumo wrestlers and other popular people are
also invited to the ritual in some temples or shrines.
This is because mamemaki is a very popular event throughout Japan.

In some areas, people fix a branch of a holly, on which is stuck
a head of grilled sardine, to the door to drive out demon spirits.
The combination of the needle-like leaves of the holly branches
and the strong smell of the sardines helps in driving demon spirits away, too.

Tokyo style Hiiragi-Iwashi

Near Tokyo, people add a bean husk (mamegara/k"because
it maks the sharp snapping sound in the fire which also drive out demon spirits.

In some areas (especialy Kansei Area), it is customary to eat uncut rolled sushi
facing the lucky direction called Eho in silence so that this year will bring them health and happiness.

Recently this custom becomes popular little by little because the nori (sea laver) organizations
support it as a business opportunity.

These rolles are sold everywhere.

Oni wa soto !!! Fuku wa uchi !!!

Year The date of Setsubun
Year The date of Setsubun
in February
Year The date of Setsubun
Year The date of Setsubun
date(Feb) Lucky direction temple date(Feb) Lucky direction  temple 
2001 3 SSE Kasadera Kannon 2026 3 SSE    Kasadera Kannon 2051 3 2076 3
2002 3 NNW Jimokuji Kannon 2027 3 NNW   Jimokuji Kannon 2052 3 2077 2
2003 3 SSE Kasadera Kannon 2028 3 SSE   Kasadera Kannon 2053 2 2078 2
2004 3 ENE Ryusenji Kannon 2029 2 ENE  Ryusenji Kannon 2054 3 2079 3
2005 3 WSW Arako Kannon 2030 3 WSW   Arako Kannon 2055 3 2080 3
2006 3 SSE Kasadera Kannon 2031 3 SSE   Kasadera Kannon 2056 3 2081 2
0207 3 NNW Jimokuji Kannon 2032 3 NNW  Jimokuji Kannon 2057 2 2082 2
2008 3 SSE Kasadera Kannon 2033 2 SSE  Kasadera Kannon 2058 2 2083 3
2009 3 ENE Ryusenji Kannon 2034 3 ENE   Ryusenji Kannon 2059 3 2084 3
2010 3 WSW Arako Kannon 2035 3 WSW  Arako Kannon 2060 3 2085 2
2011 3 SSE Kasadera Kannon 2036 3 SSE   Kasadera Kannon 2061 2 2086 2
2012 3 NNW Jimokuji Kannon 2037 2 NNW  Jimokuji Kannon 2062 2 2087 3
2013 3 SSE Kasadera Kannon 2038 3 SSE    Kasadera Kannon 2063 3 2088 3
2014 3 ENE Ryusenji Kannon 2039 3 ENE  Ryusenji Kannon 2064 3 2089 2
2015 3 WSW Arako Kannon 2040 3 WSW  Arako Kannon 2065 2 2090 2
2016 3 SSE Kasadera Kannon 2041 2 SSE   Kasadera Kannon 2066 2 2091 2
2017 3 NNW Jimokuji Kannon 2042 3 NNW  Jimokuji Kannon 2067 3 2092 3
2018 3 SSE Kasadera Kannon 2043 3 SSE  Kasadera Kannon  2068 3 2093 2
2019 3 ENE Ryusenji Kannon 2044 3 ENE  Ryusenji Kannon 2069 2 2094 2
2020 3 WSW Arako Kannon 2045 2 WSW  Arako Kannon 2070 2 2095 2
2021 2 SSE Kasadera Kannon 2046 3 SSE  Kasadera Kannon  2071 3 2096 3
2022 3 NNW Jimokuji Kannon 2047 3 NNW  Jimokuji Kannon  2072 3 2097 2
2023 3 SSE Kasadera Kannon 2048 3 SSE   Kasadera Kannon 2073 2 2098 2
2024 3 ENE Ryusenji Kannon 2049 2 ENE  Ryusenji Kannon  2074 2 2099 2
2025 2 WSW Arako Kannon 2050 3 WSW Arako Kannon  2075 3 2100 3


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Setsubun Parade