(Also called Dondo or Dondoyaki or Tondoyaki or Dontoyaki)

Festival held on Janualy 15, which called koshogatsu 小正月.
(Recentry we don't care about the date)

Sagicho at Osu Kannon Sagicho at MinamiChita-cho

Sagicho at Akiba Jinja

Sagicho is a fire festival to burn New Year decorations: kadomatsu, shimenawa, etc.
We take them to burn at a nearby shrine.
We welcome Toshitokujin歳徳神 or Toshigamisama 歳神様(Goddess of that year) by putting Kadomatsu at the New Year,
and seeing her off with fire going up into the sky by burning them.
The fire also means to ward off evil at the beginning of the year.
Warming yourself at the fire or eat rice cake grilled in the embers
is said to bring good health.

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