Parade of Seven Gods on Setsubun Day

February 3rd (Feb.2) in rare instances (Setsubun day)

13:13-13:15 starts Sakae sho-koen map
Otsu-dori street
15:00 arrive Osu-Kannon

Osu-Kannon Setsubun-e Lily Angels Nagoya Firemen Brass Band

An older respected cheerful person plays the part of Fukunokami (God of happiness).
Fukunokami is a jovial and cheerful god, and often expressed by wearing a mask of full smile.
The green creature is Oni .

60-year old people wear a red jacket and 70-year
purple. This is a traditional way to cerebrate one's
longevity. In olden times, Japanese people lived to an
average of 50 years. But now the average life spans
of Japanese people are the longest in the world.

Seven Gods on a takara-bune (lit. treasure ship)


Around 13:00, lucky rice crackers are passed out
to the visitors at the Sakae Sho-Koen.

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Parade and Setsubun-e in Osu Kannon