nabe pot
nadeshiko pink

"Yamato Nadeshiko" is a eulogistic name of Japanese women.
(yamato means Japan)
The image of "Yamato Nadeshiko" are pure, mild, massive,.......etc.
nagisa beach
Japan's top 100 scenic beaches
Nagoya-ben <= Mite miyaa ! Nagoya-dialect
Nagoya Dome Nagoya Dome is an institution for events, baseball game, etc.
It's also home of the Chunichi Dragons baseball team.
Nagoya Castle

Naiagara no taki lit. Waterfall of Niagara

"Naiagara no taki" is a kind of firework that sparks fly like a water fall.
namako <= cut sea cucumber
namako-kabe Lit.: sea cucumber wall
Traditional archtectual finish for wall.
namishibuki spindrift
Nana-chan One of the popular meeting spots
nanakusa-gayu Nanakusa means seven herbs, and gayu (kayu) means rice porridge.
Nanakusa-gayu is rice porridge with seven edible wild herbs of spring:
Seri (Japanese parsley), Nazuna (shepherd'd purse),
Gogyo (cotton weed), Hakobera (chick weed),
Hotokenoza (henbit), Suzuna (turnip) and Suzushiro (Japanese radish).
We eat Nanakusagayu on January 7th because of the seventh of the first month
has been an important festival since ancient times.
This habbit was introduced from China, which had been held to ward off evil.
Now in Japan, we eat it in hopes of longevity and good health,
and it's also to supply green vegetables after the osechi food.
nanchatte - Slang term
*Nanchtte + noun /Fake something, not proper something...
ex. Nanchatte-sushi means food that have all the appearance of sushi.
If you don't have enough ingredients of sushi and want to show your parents what
sushi is.....make a small cake of rice and put some topping on it....it can be called a
"nanchatte-sushi" :))

* ---, nanchatte. /"....just kidding :))
ex. "I missed a class because I had a stomchache....nanchatte. To tell the truth, I
skipped the class and went see a movie."
nanjamonja Chinese fringetree (chionanthus retusus). "nanjamonja" is a nickname of this tree. When nanjamonja flowers bloom, it looks as if a tree is covered with snow. People wondered "What's that?" Nanjamonja comes from "nanimono ja ?" "What's that ? Who's that ?" You can see the natural najamonja only in Tokai Region. The pic was taken in May 14 at Shiroyama Shrine near Motoyama
nanohana rape blossoms
naorai ceremonial meal or drinking party after Shinto ceremony
Naritasan Mampukuin -
nashi Japanese pear
nasu eggplant
natto Fermented soybeans.
Served on top of hot rice or
used for rolled natto sushi, etc.
It has a strong aroma, thready
stickiness and flavor.

More about Natto
nawatobi rope jumping
Natsume Soseki very popular novelist lived in the Meiji period.
his portrate is on 1000yen note
neage Advance in price
nebo Oversleep
Nehan-e -
nejikugi screw
neko cat
Neko Cafe -
nekojarashi foxtail grass
nekoyanagi pussy willow
nembutsu prayer to the Buddha
nengajo Japanese style New Year card
"Nettai" means tropical zone and "ya " means a night.

A night the lowest temperture is higher than 25degreeC, we call it "nettaiya"
ne-shogatsu A sleep-in New Year
nezo people's sleeping posture

Nezumi-kozo Jirokichi is a very popular chivalrous thief in the Edo period
He stole money from rich families and gave them to the poor people.
The way of hiding his face with cloth is well known and a kind of his trade mark.
niboshi dried sardine for Japanese soup stock
nihon-kamoshika Japanese wild goat
nihon-kai the Sea of Japan
Water is very clean and colder than that of the Pacific Ocean
Japanese Garden

niku udon Noodles with salty-sweet beef.
Beef is cooked with soy sauce, sugar, sake, etc.
ninniku garlic
Ninomaru (Teien) -
Nippon-maru -

a nun
Nitobe Inazo model of 5,000yen note
Nittai-ji Nittai-ji (temple) keeps real bone of Buddha Sakyamuni
niwatori chicken
Noguchi Hideyo Noguchi Hideyo outer link
nomi flea
nomigusuri pills
noshi a traditional courtesy emblem on a gift;
a thin strip of dried abalone folded in red and white paper.
a sign of sincerity and expression of congratulations
briefcase computer
Nozomi Nozomi is the fastest Shinkansen train
nuigurumi stuffed animal
nyudogumo thunderhead
nyu-shutsuryoku tanshi terminal