Fuusui Yodameshi Shinji

Jan. 12

Atsuta Shrine

On January 7th, Shinto priests divine the crop of grain by measuring the amount of water in a jar (called imigame)
kept underneath the floor of Touho-den ( lit.. Eastern Treasure Hall)
This function is called "Yodameshi Shinji".
On January 12, they carry the jar to Kagura-den Hall or main shrine, and
pour the specific amount of water into the jar and seal it.
They keep it underneath the floor of Touho-den (located at the east of the main shrine) again,
untill the next Yodameshi Shinji held on January 7th of the following year.

The ceremony goes on. Pour pure water into the jar called imigame. A sealed jar

Atsuta Shrine
Yodameshi Shinji (Jan 7)
Touka Shinji (Jan 11)
Hosha-shinji (Jan 15)
(May 1)
Atsuta Festival
(Jun. 5)