Yodameshi Shinji

14:00 - 14:20
Ohsakida-Jinja in Atsuta Shrine

Yodameshi Shinji is a Shinto rite.
Two Shinto priests unseal the imigame (jar) in front of Oosakida Jinja (shrine) which enshrine
a god of rich harvest of grain.
Then they divine the precipitation of the coming year by measuring the amount of water in a jar
which has kept underneath the floor of Touho-den (lit. the East treasure Hall) for one year.
To devine the precipitation means to devine the grain crop

Fresh clean water is poured into the jar on January 12 at Fuusui Yodameshi Shinji.

Atsuta Shrine
Touka Shinji (Jan 11)
Fuusui Yodameshi Shinji
Hosha-shinji (Jan 15)
(May 1)
Atsuta Festival
(Jun. 5)