One of the most popular and typical Japanese foods since Edo period..

Sushi was the fast food sold at a stall in the Edo period.

Sushi is vinegared rice topped or combined with raw fish, shellfish, vegetables, cooked fish and omlet, etc.
The freshness of the fish is the most important factor for good sushi.

There are several categories of sushi, and other varieties too numerous to list

Hand-shaped Tokyo style sushi. The best-known variety.
Developed as fist food in the Edo period.
chirashi-zushi The topping is artfully scattered on top of of sushi rice in a bowl
hako-zushi Mainly Kansai district ( Kyoto, Osaka area) style
inari-zushi lsushi ball wrapped up in a bag of fried bean curd flavored with soy sauce and sugar
norimaki sushi rice rolled in a sheet of seaweed laver with ingredients
temaki-zushi hand-rolled sushi or cone-shaped maki-zushi

Varieties of Nigiri-zushi

How to eat sushi

Sushi bars recommended

kaitenzushi (revolving table style sushi bar)

ranking chart of eatable sushi for new beginners

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