The Bells on New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve temple bells are struck 108 times in Japan..
According to teaching of Buddism, human beings are plagued by 108* earthly desires or passions
and they cause human suffering.
By the 108 ringings of the temple bell, such desires are driven away from human beings
(with each toll of the bell, one desire is dispelled)
and they welcome the new year in with a refreshed feeling.

Actually, the number is different depending on the era, sects, denominations and schools.
The smallest is 3, popular number is 108 and the biggest number is approximatery 64,000.


3 biggest temple bells in Japan

a bell at Chion'in in Kyoto cast in 1636 3.3m, caliber 2.8m, 70t
a bell at Houkou-ji in Kyoto cast in 1614 4.2m, 82.7t
a bell at Todai-ji in Nara cast in 751 3.85m, caliber 2.7m, 26.36t


3 great temple bells in Japan

a bell at Byoudouin in Uji City beautiful shape
a bell at Mii-dera (Onjo-ji) in Ootsu City long and beautiful pealing sound
a bell at Todai-ji in Nara City powerful sound


Onomatopoeia of a bell peal is " Goooooong/
S`` "


Schedule, fee, etc. are subjects to change on very short notice.

*Kosho-ji (temple) in
100yen. One gong together with
ten people. Better be there by
11:00p.m..The tolling starts
from 23:45.

*Jimoku-ji: First come 108
people, 100yen/gong.
00:00a.m.- , 052-821-1367

Kenchu-ji: First come 108 people.
100yen. Tickets are sold from Dec.1.

Togan-ji: Free
from 23:00-
* Nittai-ji (temple) in 23:30-
First 108 people.
500yen. Tickets are
sold from Dec.1. The
last sutra recitation
of the year: 23:45-0:00

* So'o-ji (temple) map
23:30-. Anyone
can hit the bell.
From 0:30, the first
sutra ecitation
of the New Year:

*Hiagashibetsuin (temple)
Jan.1st 0:00-2:00 Free
Free amazake service.

*Osu Kannon(Shimpuku-ji Hosho-in):
Get off at Osu-kannon sta. on the
Tsurumai subway line.mapNumbered
ticket are sold from 6:00a.m. on
Dec.18 for first come 108 people.
1000yen (include lucky rice cakes)
The tolling starts from 0:00.

*Arako Kannon (Kannon-ji):
Anyone who arrived there by 0:00
can hit the gong.. 500yen (include a lucky charm)

*Kasadera Kannon (Ryufuku-ji):
300yen/gong Only for
the people who arrived by 11:45. The
tolling starts from 23:50
The temple bell made in the Kamakura Era
is know as one of the three good temple bell
of the Owari Area. 052-821-1367,

*Ryusan-ji * Kojaku-in
Anyone who arrived there by 23:50
can hit the bell. 10yen/gong