waiting in vain
magatama comma-shaped bead
In the earliest period of Japanese history, magatama made of jade, amber, crystal, etc.were used to make necklace.
maitake fan-shaped mushroom with multiple layers.
Mai means dance, and take means mushroom.
It is said that maitake is very tasty, and people who find it feels happy and starts dancing., then it got
a name of maitake.
mamagoto playing house
mamemaki ->Setsubun
manaca -
maneki-neko a beckoning cat
a kind of Japanese lucky charms
mangetsu full moon
manshon (mansion)
condominium, apartment house, flat
playing with a ball like this
masu a kind of measure
masuku mask.
We wear mask not only when we catch cold but also protect from pollen or virus.
matcha powdered green tea
matsubokkuri pine corn
matsunamiki a row of pain trees
megane-bashi arched bridge
 mejiro  A Japanese white-eye
menko old play among boys.
Put a card on the ground. You beat your card on the ground and make
the opponent's card overturning by the wind power, you can get it.
mikan mandarin orange
mikan no hana flowers of mikan (a pic above)
mikoshi portable shrine
Minami Alps A part of the Japan Alps.
another name of Akaishi Sammyaku
mino 蓑 Mino is a straw raincoat
mirin type of sweet sake used for cookikg.
also used for o-toso (ceremonial drink for New Years)
miso => miso
miso-nikomi-udon => misonikomiudon
miso-shiru miso soup
one of typical Japanese soup
Mitama Matsuri - Shinto Festival at Gokoku Jinja (shrine) Nagoya
mitarashi one of the very popular dumpling sweets
mitsuba Japanese wild chervil
trefoil leaf
used a garnish in soup, salad, etc.
mitsumata Edgeworthia chrysantha

Japanese paper called washi is made from mitsumata.
mitsume kozo
one of the traditional Japanese hobgoblins in folk tales
"Mitsume" means three eyes and "kozo" means a young boy monk.
Miyajima Miyajima is one of Japan's three most scenic places(Nihon-Sankei/日本三景)
miyakowasure Miyako-wasure (lit. forgetting the capital)/Gymnaster
The origin of the name of Miyakowasure is came from an old poem composed by ex-Emperor Juntoku
who had been exiled to Sadogashima (island) on a charge of the Jokyu Revolt in 1221.
He was lost in longing for the capital, but finaly he found comfort in the modest flower, gymnaster.
He planted it around his house and it helped him forget and heal his sorrow.
Because it's similar to white chrysanthemum which his father, ex-Empror Gotoba, really loved. And chrysanthemum is also a symbol of the Imperial House.
"いかにして契りおきけむ白菊を 都忘れと名づくるも憂し”(Ikanishite Chigiriokiken Shiragiku o, Miyakowasure to Nazukurumo ushi)


Buddhist cold water ablutions
mizuko-jizo Stone image of Jizo (guardian deity of children) that guard aborted, stllborn or miscarried foetus.
mochi rice cake
momiji Japanese maple (tree)
momiji-manju One of the most popular souvenir of Miyajima in Hiroshima Pref..
momiji mark => koreisha mark
momiji-no-yona te a baby's hands are often compared to Japanese maple leaves.
momo peach
morizuna 1 sand heaped up which used for shinto ritual, etc.
morizuna 2 This kind of morizuna was settled between a gate and door of a samurai house.
If swords haven't been used for long time they become dull. So in case of emergency,
samurai cut a morizuna several times their swords before rushing out.
moto-kano "Moto " means former and "kano" is short for kanojo 彼女 which means a girlfriend.
moto-kare "Moto " means former and "kare" means a boyfriend.
moyashi beansprouts
muen-baka(haka) graves of no relatives
mugi wheat
mugiwara-boshi straw hat
musha samurai or warriors
musha ningyo May 5th is Children's Day, a day to wish boys good health,
happiness well-being. Around the time of this day,
families with sons often display warrior dolls
or miniture armor in their homes.
mushiba caries teeth, dental caries
mushimegane magnifying glass
insect catching
myoto-iwa very famous pair of rocks.
Myoto means a couple.
They are at Futamigaura in Ise. The lope called shimenawa is changed to a new ones
three times a year. May 5, Sept.5 and the 3rd Sunday of December. It's a must to see.
myouga mioga Zingiher mioga.
myoga buds are very fragrant whem thinly sliced and
are used as a garnish.
Salad with cucumbers and lettuce is nice.
myoga pickles is also very good.